Kitchen Kit


Kitchen Kit Includes: Dinnerware set, 7pc Stainless Steal Cookware Set, Flatware 4 Place Settings, Glassware, Salt & Pepper Shakers, Plastic Pitcher 2qt., 8pc Mixing Bowl Set, Plastic Colander, Cutlery Tray, Dish Drainer Set, Wastebasket 24 qt, 6pc Kitchen Utensil set with Holder, Bottle Opener, Vegetable Peeler, 8pc Measuring Cup & Spoon Set, 2 Cup Plastic Measuring Cup, White Poly Cutting Board, 4pc Steak Knife Set, Kitchen Towels Set of 3, Electric Can Opener, Automatic Drip Coffeemaker 12 cup, 2 Slice Toaster, 24pc Rubbermaid Storage Set.

Kitchen Kit Includes:

Dinnerware set
7pc Stainless Steal Cookware Set
Flatware 4 Place Settings
Salt & Pepper Shakers
Plastic Pitcher 2qt.
8pc Mixing Bowl Set
Plastic Colander
Cutlery Tray, Dish Drainer Set
Wastebasket 24 qt
6pc Kitchen Utensil set with Holder
Bottle Opener
Vegetable Peeler
8pc Measuring Cup & Spoon Set
2 Cup Plastic Measuring Cup
White Poly Cutting Board
4pc Steak Knife Set
Kitchen Towels Set of 3
Electric Can Opener
Automatic Drip Coffeemaker 12 cup
2 Slice Toaster
24pc Rubbermaid Storage Set.